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November 5, 2010

EARTHEARTISTRY Newsletter, November 2010, Part 1: Blog

As a lyric in one of my songs says, “It’s another turning season; another round of the wheel.”  Here in the northeast, the leaves are rapidly being swept off the trees, leaving behind a vastness that was cloaked by their clothing. Each year we have a recurrence of a pattern, yet the specifics vary from year to year. What do you need to release, to let go, to set free, in your life?

Sometimes the answer comes easier than the actual process.  Knowing the recipe and baking the cake are not the same experience! Yet with the knowing, intention and first steps can be taken.  If you are really lucky, perhaps you can be rapidly released, like the leaves in the forest surrounding our house.

Is the real invitation of this Halloween day to leave behind the attachment to and conviction that the conscious mind really knows who we are and what is best for us? Are we given an opportunity, in consciousness, to realize that our personalities are costumes and masks that hide, as well as reveal, who or what we really are? What if we were to “die” to our attachments, to our sense of who we are, what we believe in, our judgments, our aspirations and fears, for just one day????? 

Halloween is a mysterious holy day.  Traditionally regarded as the time when the veils between the visible and the invisible world are the thinnest, we are told that we have more access to the ancestors and the realms beyond the physical dimension that we usually identify with so tenaciously.  With a just a little bit of reflection we can easily see the narrow spectrum of “me” that we keep propped up with our particular wardrobe of cosmetics and psychological costumes.

What if we were to regard Halloween as a time to wean ourselves from this skinny band of identity and look at all the people and scenery in our life as the masks worn by “The-One-Divine-In-Person-ater?” We are tricked by appearance, and act as if we live in a world of individual objects. The treat is a quickie sugar-rush that soon turns to exhaustion.  When we take the ego’s outfits as our reality we are met with a wide range of ghosts that haunt our happiness and scare the living daylights out of us again and again!

We are in the Scorpio sector of the wheel and the keynote is transformation.  Different from change, which can be a mere re-modeling, real transformation is when the caterpillar becomes the butterfly, the coal the diamond, the death the re-birth.  As physicist Nassim Haramein states, there is never death, only transformation. He goes on to say that from the point of view of the womb, what we call birth is death.  Likewise what we call death is a transformation into a non-physical experience.  Halloween can be an opportunity to “die before you die,” to use a phrase of Eckhart Tolle’s.

In facing our temporal sojourn in this particular form, we can notice the transience of all the forms and honor the many forms that have participated in our particular “play-ground of life experience.” We can embrace the truth of transformation and choose to celebrate it rather than resist it!

As many or you know, Scorpio is noted for its great intensity.  Its “parent planet,” Pluto, is the archetype associated with passion, what we call death, rebirth, degeneration and regeneration, power, intimacy and sexuality.  It is also the reservoir of the sub-conscious, what some ancients called the underworld.  As the sap descends, so can we leave behind our outward identities and journey inward to discover what new life is birthing in the mulch of the old debris.

We are in a time of transformation and transition for all of the Earth community.  When we look clearly, we cannot help but see that most of the economy is based on death and destruction. Until we replace the profit motive with the prophet’s wisdom, we remain in a cannibalistic mode, one relative growing fat on the disease of another. The sword of separation, illusion or not, has cut out the heart of happiness, in this dream of Earth.  Conflict, war, destruction, rape of the land, of the weak, of those without the “shares in corporate structure,” cannot share the bounty.

The monopoly game is in its final stages.  The slums of suffering have mushroomed, yet within the fecal matter and decay, the indestructible seed of Oneness is sending out new roots and realizations.  A system built on separation, competition without compassion, dominance and danger, is on its deathbed.  To paraphrase His Holiness the Dalai Lama, we humans create the causes for most of our suffering.

Our ignorance is what most “die” and be transformed into the angel of awareness.  The snake and the eagle are high up on the Scorpio totem pole. The snake represents the willingness to release the old skin by letting go of the hurts of the past and forgiving so that we can once more be fully gifted.  When we hold on to our past wounds we constrict our capacity to be nourished and renewed by the gift of the present.

The eagle symbolizes the rise out of the waters of emotional saturation to the realm of air where we have the vantage point of recognizing the web of causality leading to the action that harmed us. In the context of this understanding we can forgive, through awareness, not as a blind moral imperative, but with the full knowledge of the interconnectedness of everything. We can distinguish between endorsing the behavior, excusing the behavior and forgiving the behavior. Forgiveness doesn’t require us to approve what happened!

I’d like to end on a note of celebration.  Today is the birthday of my son Aleph who has been one of the most powerful presences in my life.  The depth of love and bonding between mothers and children is another great mystery that is far beyond the power of the intellect to fathom.  We are mammals, and to borrow from another line in one of my songs, Mmmmmmammals, mmmmmammals, we are here to love!”

We have constructed a society based on the premise that we are separate from each other, the Earth and the Cosmos. Accompanying this viewpoint is the premise that some humans are worth more than others and therefore deserve more than others. In combination with a distorted Darwinian evolutionary notion, we have justified power over as a kind of evolutionary mandate, neglecting the evolutionary evidence that cooperation, community and care are essential.

A new way of being in society will respect differences and diversity while designing systems to serve the whole Earth community, with “no-ONE’s” needs being sacrificed for a few.  As we “know One” to be the truth, no One will be allowed to suffer.  We can forget all the “isms” and take the most beneficial aspects of each.  When the new bottom line is the well being of every ONE, anything that isn’t in alignment with Oneness will have to “dye” and emerge with a rainbow consciousness that sees the beauty and unity in the whole spectrum of the red, white, yellow, brown and black family of “hue-manity.”

The topsy-turvy “mis-under-standings” of humanity will be turned inside out. On the outside, monopoly will give way to diversity. On the inside, the diamond consciousness of divinity will be seen as the one multi-faceted crown jewel.  “U-knit-y” consciousness will flourish as we recognize that there is but one Life flowing through all the yarns and creation stories. All of our actions will be cultivated as the flower-ing of the Di-vIne.

May we all be blessed to find our niche in this great transformation into Oneness and Well-Being for all.

May all our human systems be re-created in alignment with “at-one-ment” as we atone by realizing our root mistake was the illusion that we were not the “wholly, w-hole-ly, whole.”

May all beings leave behind the fear of scarcity and enter into cities of community, consciousness and co-creativity.

May peace pervade all and ease replace disease.

May we know, in our hearts, as Jesus knew, that what we do to “the least of us,” we do unto ourselves.


© Esther Frances, October 31, 2010


P.S.  Check out the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton for some very profound revelations about the relationship between mind and body.  His findings transform our notions about who we are and our way of being in the world.

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© Esther Frances