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"Mother Earth Calls"
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EARTHEARTISTRY Newsletter, Feb. 2011, Pt.1
March 21, 2011

EARTHEARTISTRY Newsletter February 2011:

 Welcome new readers!  I just returned to the Hudson Valley after two glorious months in Santa Cruz. I’m thankful for so many new friends and the privilege of reading for many of you.  In particular I’d like to share my appreciation for the staff of Gateways, a fabulous spiritual bookstore and center, who welcomed me with such love and support.  I was a reader there while in Santa Cruz.  They are closing their doors in March and it will be interesting to see what new forms will arise to serve the SC community in their absence.

Our format for the newsletter is the calendar, part 1, usually followed by part 2, a blog.  This month I am going to feature my poem, “Palace of Peace,” as the blog, in honor of it being published in “The Network, Your Guide to Inspiration and Well-Being.”  This monthly publication features a regular channeling of Sri Yukteswar by Theresa Stolaroff.  You can find more information about it at www.centerforworldnetworking.org.

Hope you enjoy.  Your feedback is always welcome on my website, www.EstherFrances or through email, estherfrances@earthlink.net

I am postponing the February book circle because Friday, February 11th I will be attending an Oneness Blessing event.

I’ll keep you posted as to when and where the next meeting will be.
The featured book is “The Order Of Melchizedek: Love, Willing Service, Fulfillment” by Daniel Chesbro
I was ordained into the order of Melchizedek by Daniel Chesbro in 2000.  I just discovered this book and love the profound simplicity it delivers on the powerful transformative capacity of unconditional love.
    “Daniel Chesbro has written a blueprint of where we are today while providing a road map for the future… The book is recommended reading for those seeking hope, direction, and spiritual insight”
–     Glenn Sanderfur, Director of Development Edgar Cayce organizations, and author of Lives of the Masters
 Sunday, February 13th: EARTH is my Cathedral:  Esther will be the guest minister at the Rock Tavern Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Newburg, NY.  The theme will be "The Diamond of Love:  The Twelve Sacred Facets of Astro-Cosmology -- The Power of the W-hole-ly Prism  of Love!
Wednesday, February 16th:  Esther will be the speaker at the Mid-Hudson NCGR Meeting in Saugerties, NY. Topic: "Archetypes of Awakening: Astro-Cosmology and the Art of Awakening Awareness."  What effect does the shift from an age shaped by the illusion of separation into an era of Oneness and unity have on our interpretation of the birth chart and our role as astrological counselors? For more info please go http://midhudsonupstatencgr.net/.
 Mother EARth Calls CD, Esther Frances & the Holographic Donuts: This CD and its song "Everybody Is Sacred" seems like a fabulous antidote to the bullying reported lately in our schools.  Esther is available to come to your school, home-schooling group, gathering or party to teach the song and share the spirit of joy that comes with the realization that it is far more gratifying to celebrate each other then to compete and put each other down.

The music is terrific and the lyrics, so clear and catchy, send spirits soaring with love for life. Your gifted work is a blessing for our living Earth and all her beings.  Joanna Macy, Eco-philosoper and author of World As Lover, World As Self

Available at my website; also at CD Baby & on ITunes. 
Eco-Astrology---Valentine’s Special:  Any 60-minute synastry----relationship chart comparison---session will include a free Composite Chart and reading.  To qualify sign-up must be in February.  The relationship can be with a sweetheart, family member, or friend.  It doesn’t have to be a “romantic” relationship.

I\'m changing the fee for my private counseling to a flexible sliding scale of $2-$1 a minute rate which applies to preparation time, actual time in session, and a fee for sending a recording if desired.  Everyone who needs to can still get the rock-bottom dollar a minute.

For those who are able, I\'m increasing my rates in keeping with my commitment to "thrive-ability," a word I invented to describe a state of being where we allow ourselves the greatest flourishing possible.

A recording of the session can be sent to you as an MP3 via the internet or in disc by mail.

I am also available as a Spiritual Counselor or Life Coach --- with or without the template of astrology ---- to help you in realize your greatest well-being, passion, dreams and full potential or to offer support through crisis, loss or confusion.

Esther is a magical biographer of people. She can weave a story about our lives as if she has been our most intimate friend. I have found my sessions with her to be filled with deep insight and joy and it has been of tremendous value on my spiritual path— Client —  

 It (your astrological reading) has been my favorite Christmas present!..........Jennifer Lawrence

GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE!  Also Anatomy of Woodstock, the book I wrote in 1994 about the astrology of the festivals, can be ordered on line at my website store.


---I am an inter/omni-faith minister, ordained by Daniel Chesbro in the Order of Melchizedek, Sanctuary of the Beloved, lineage. Additionally I am a Deeksha/Oneness Blessing Giver and have an extensive background in Vajrayana Buddhism, Vedanta, and Siddha Yoga.  I was born into a Christian/Jewish home, graduated from a Quaker high school and feel a tremendous affinity with Native American and indigenous traditions. I’m a spiritual mutt and workshop groupie. I love authentic spirituality in whatever form it takes to express itself!

---I would love to come to your congregation or group to present services and or workshops, accompanied by original songs and poetry.

---I am available to officiate for weddings and other rites of passage.

---My certification by John Perkins and the Dream Change Coalition authorizes me to perform “Shape-shifting Ceremonials” including shamanic journeying. 

---I am a graduate of the Delegate program of the Resonance Project taught by physicist/cosmologist Nassim Haramein. His work provides the science that verifies that we are one and provides the missing links for a Unified Field Theory.

---As a graduate of Dr Jean Houston’s three-year program in Human Capacities I offer coaching, counseling and workshops, based on Sacred Psychology. The emphasis is on encouraging and suporting you to fulfil your spiritual aspirations and life purpose in harmony and integrity with your daily life.

"        That was my favorite sermon ever. And believe me I\'ve been to lots of them!"
        Lorraine, Comment after the "U and the Uni-verse" talk, Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Kingston, NY
    "It made me feel like loving everyone again."
    Rae Schlecht, About the 2009 Memorial Day service, "Remembering to Remember," Unitarian             Universalist Congregation,  Kingston, NY
 Esther’s Pet and House Sitting:

My newest endeavor is pet-sitting, house-sitting and dog walking or cat tending: In Santa Cruz or Ulster County.


© Esther Frances