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EARTHEARTISTRY Newsletter, Feb. 2011, Pt. 2: Blog, Palace of Peace Poem
March 21, 2011

Palace of Peace


Today I am kicking out the landlord of separation

            and coming home to my palace of peace.



No more divided,

            I breathe in ecstacy and exhale the bad breath of exile.


My body is a dancing “cell-ebration” of radiant awakening.

            This multitude knows it is ONE,

                        feels it is ONE,

                                    and basks in the sun of realization,

                                                knowing it is the whole, w-hole-ly constellation.

                                                            I am a galaxy of gladness!

 Doubt’s dandruff is brushed away by the anointing oil of grace.

            My hair shines and shimmers with light from within.


Free from the heresy of happiness I leave behind the hopes born of destitution.

            I’m at home in the heart of joy.


I awake in the certainty that poverty is a thing of the past!

            I awake with a smiling heart.


                        A graceful grin lifts my mouth as I reach for the pen

                                                to testify and transcribe this testimony of truth:

                        The separate “self” surrendered, dissolved and re-absorbed

                                    into the great and glorious Goddessence* is the only way to get out of “Dodge”

                                                and not be pursued by the sheriffs of shame

                                                            with their posses of sadness.


More is not the answer my friends,

            For in the cosmic game board less is the lesson.

                        Let your soap bubble pop!  The sky is yours!

 Deflected from the army of want there is no more fright and no more fear.

            The frozen drop of despair that you thought you were

                        flows back into the majestic “mist-ery” that you are!


Yes! Yes! Yes!

            The nightmare is over.

                        Our Great Dawn has arrived and we dwell in the home of the heart forever and ever.


*Goddessence: a term I believe to be coined by Claire Dennis

©  Esther Frances, December 11, 2010,

Written the morning after the “Ecstatic Rumi” celebration in Santa Cruz, CA

Published in the February 2011 edition of "The Network, Your Guide to Inspiration and Well-Being" www.centerforworldnetworking.org


© Esther Frances